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  • TK Solver Player

    TK solver™ Player for excel is free software for sharing packaged excel applications and mathematical models created in TK solver 5.0 Premium Edition. The Player is a collaborative math engine that can be
  • Topsis Solver 2012 3.0

    Topsis solver automatically generates graphical charts.Topsis solver automatically normalizes the weight of the criteria.Main Features:-Covers 20 criteria and alternatives -Includes both negative and positive
  • Premium Solver Platform for Excel 6.0

    excel solver upgrades are helpful for different sizes and types of optimization problem. The Premium solver Platform is our best-selling product because of its feature to handle every type of problem up to a definite
  • Test Environment 1.1

    It is designed as a tool for both developers of solver software and practitioners who just look for the best solver for their specific problem class. Test Environment is an interface to solve optimization problems
  • ADX Excel Toys .NET (VC) 2.0

    Add-in Express Toys .NET is a free plug-in that adds several useful features to microsoft excel. This sample addin is based on Add-in Express for Office and .NET and designed to show how to create excel add-ins, how to
  • Anagram Solver 1.0.1

    Anagram solver is an application that helps the user to decrypt any anagram. All you have to do is specify a wordlist and an anagram, and the program will search the wordlist and find all possible matches. The package
  • Advanced Excel To PDF Table Converter 1.7

    Advanced excel To PDF Table Converter is a utility that allows execution of SQL (Structured Query Language) statements on microsoft excel spreadsheets. Resultsets returned by select queries are automatically persisted as
  • Invoice Tracking 2005 1.10

    Full version is now completely free! Invoice Tracking 2005 NET is a new, simple and efficient accounting method that enables microsoft excel users to start working with invoices immediately after downloading and
  • Style Manager for Excel

    Style Manager for microsoft excel is an add-in that will help you design spreadsheets to your liking and create your own formats and styles in microsoft excel workbooks quickly and easily. No need to confine yourself
  • Excel Import CSV Files into MS Excel 9.0

    excel Import CSV Files into MS excel If you'd like to import one, or any number of csv files into microsoft excel, then this software is for you! With this software: Easily select any number of CSV files to be
  • Excel CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation 1.0.40

    The excel CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation is a unit operation implementation for which the calculations can be entered in microsoft excel. It will allow you to create an excel workbook that defines the equations for calculating
  • Workbook Manager for Microsoft Excel 1.0.1

    The Workook Manager for microsoft excel can become your irreplaceable assistant in managing microsoft excel worksheets. This handy add-in for microsoft excel visually organizes all open spreadsheets in a tree-view
  • Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel 2010 Data Analysis Expression 1.0

    microsoft PowerPivot for microsoft excel 2010 provides ground-breaking technology, such as fast manipulation of large data sets (often millions of rows), streamlined integration of data, and the ability to effortlessly
  • ezIA 1.0

    The ezIA is a microsoft excel add-in program for test item analysis. The ezIA provides teachers, school administrators, researchers and psychometrician with a simple method for conducting and teaching test data analysis
  • Excel Reader 2.0.1

    excel Reader is a freeware that you can use to Open, view and print any microsoft Office excel( Xls ,Xlsx) document. It's a quick and convenient way to view excel files on your computer.excel Reader from FoxPDF lets you
  • ASCEND 0.9.7

    ASCEND is an free open-source software program for solving small to very large mathematical models. ASCEND can solve systems of non-Linear Equations, linear and nonlinear optimisation problems, and dynamic systems
  • Calculus Problem Solver 1.0

    Calculus Problem solver is a free tutor now there is no need to hire a teacher for calculus you can now solve your calculus problems either it is difficult one or easiest one but Calculus Problem solver will do it in
  • Financial Calculators 1.1.1

    Find a Suitable Loan solver Lease solver Return On Investment Calculator ROI Monthly Deposits Calculator Return Calculator with Taxes Withdrawal Calculator with Taxes Bond Yield to Maturity Calculator Nominal vs.
  • Neutronz Express 1.0

    Adds a fully featured Command Pane (like microsoft's Task Pane) to the microsoft?excel 2000 user interface. Provides simpler and quicker access to almost 400 of excel's features. Fully programmable from the excel
  • Molecular Weight Solver 1.0

    Complementary molecular wieght calculator. Solution solver 2.0 is a program designed for chemists, biologists and other scientific professionals. Its purpose is to make your routine lab calculations quick and
  • The Math Solver 8

    The Math solver helps the students see the answer and the steps for solving math problems. The user enters the problem and The Math solver shows the solution for that specific problem. The Math solver covers the
  • Excel Utility Pro 6.3

    Likeoffice excel Utility Pro, named also excel Toolbar or excel Add-in, designed to ease your work while using microsoft excel. Once it is installed, a new menu item is added to the excel menu called Likeoffice. It is
  • 1.0

    Use our free crossword solver! Have you been finding it difficult to finish your crossword? Do you have an elusive clue? Then the crossword solver at is for you. Simply tell us what letters you do have and
  • AutoFormat for Excel PivotTables

    AutoFormat for excel PivotTables is an add-in for microsoft excel designed to extend microsoft excel's built-in feature of PivotTable formatting, which lets you create, store and apply your own custom
  • Printer Problem Solver 3.0

    The Printer Problem solver is a utility designed to aid you in keeping your USB printer functioning by helping you with issues that could occur at anytime without warning such as print spool jams, registry issues,
  • XL Navigator 1.0.4

    With Workbook Manager for microsoft excel you can: - Easily navigate between your microsoft excel worksheets and workbooks. - Insert, rename, delete and sort microsoft excel worksheets. - Hide worksheets or even make
  • eBay Excel Add-in

    You'll be able to create and edit listings, upload all your listings to eBay at once, and more. You can also: * download active listings directly into excel * Manage up to 5,000 listings at a time * Update
  • Color Manager for Excel

    Color Palette Manager for microsoft excel is an add-in for microsoft excel 2000 - 2003 (Vista supported) that allows you to create and apply new color palettes in microsoft excel worksheets quickly and easily. As you
  • Suuji 1.0

    Suuji is a sudoku puzzle solver program for the Sudoku game developed for the benefit of the players of Sudoku puzzles . It's programmed be an online instant sudoku solver to solve your online Sudoku game right away. So,
  • Gwerdy SuDoku Solver 1.01

    Gwerdy SuDoku solver 1.01 is an interesting puzzle in which you solve SuDoku puzzles that have been appearing everywhere recently. SuDoku (sometimes known as Su Doku or Number Place) is a logical puzzle in which numbers